About Us

We help strengthen and grow non-metropolitan businesses, communities, and regions through better marketing and communications.

We are passionate about helping communities and businesses in less populated areas of the country take advantage of the same digital marketing benefits that large cities and businesses enjoy.

Our mission is to enable smaller cities and communities to take advantage of the benefits that digital marketing brings. We want to see hometown America flourish through the equalizer of digital communications.

Our office is located in the heart of America, about 50 minutes north of Kansas City in the town of Atchison, Kansas.

How we help

We help you strategically market your business and community–marketing with long-term goals in mind. We use a collaborative competition approach, striving to better individual businesses and their home communities at the same time.

We choose people.

Webcom Resources was born as a tech company in the Seattle area in 2005. We’ve had the honor of long-term relationships with global market leaders as well as the joy of helping entrepreneurs’ dreams succeed. We choose to follow our passion—people.

We’re motivated by the idea that doing well at what we do impacts communities and people, and not just corporate portfolios. Local businesses are personal. The success of a single local business can affect the future of an entire community. A strong digital presence can allow even local communities to capitalize on the brain gain phenomenon by connecting with people thousands of miles away.

Logo, 2005


Logo redesign 2013


Our name
“Webcom” is a combination of the words “web” and “communications.”

We believe that better marketing is the key to local economic growth.

We believe  collaborative competition.

We believe in organizations who serve rather than rule.

We believe the small cannot not be ignored.

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