Improve Your Event Attendance Using These Facebook Ad Techniques

Setting up a Facebook Event that results in a great turnout requires a bit of strategy. There are lots of different strategies out there to help you market your Facebook events and everyone has their favorite. This week, I’m going to share a simple strategy you can use to get more people to attend your event.

Tips on using Facebook ads to improve event attendance

  • Choose the ad objective of “Engagement.” The first step when creating an ad is choosing an objective. You must go through the Ads Manager to do this. Simply choosing “boost event” is not the same thing.  
  • Optimum audience size might be bigger than you’d expect. I often see event planners target too small of an audience based on interest and demographics. If you have a great image and event title, and you’ve chosen “Engagement,” you can rely on Facebook’s algorithm to find people interested in your event.
  • The bigger the event revenue, the bigger the event budget. For the initial event promotion, I would not recommend spending less than $5 a day, and for many events, the spend should be much more than that. Take into consideration how much profit you need to make per ticket for the event. This will help you determine how much you should spend for engagement. If you’re advertising 30 days out, I recommend a budget of at least $150. However, sometimes it’s better to spend that same amount in a two-week period to show your ad to the same person a few times in closer frequency.
  • Use a custom audience to improve attendance. Set up a Custom Audience of people who have responded going or interested to the event. Create a second engagement ad using a similar event image or even a set of images for this Custom Audience. Run this ad the last few weeks before the event to promote anticipation and remind people to attend.
  • Bonus: Prompt for ticket sales. Using the same Custom Audience, you can set up an ad with an objective of “Traffic” and a call-to-action of “get tickets.” This will display your event in a way that will encourage people to purchase tickets.

Let the Holiday Event Planning Begin!

“The Holidays” is a magical time of year when people want to get out, be social, and spend money. November 24th is Small Business Saturday, and a lot of people will be looking forward to supporting small businesses on that day. As you promote your holiday events, be sure to try out some of these tips to improve your attendance.

Grain Belt Insurance launches website

We enjoyed getting to know the team at Grain Belt Insurance over the course of the project to design a website for their Troy, Kansas, insurance agency. One of our favorite aspects of the project was getting to know the energetic, idea-filled owner who is passionate about doing good for Doniphan County—Corey Kostman. Corey is a great asset to his community, and we were happy he chose Webcom to bring the Grain Belt website to life.

A key feature of the project is the design direction. Most insurance websites focus on giving a quote or the specifics about each insurance type. However, Grain Belt’s focus is not on selling insurance. They provide superior agent services. They go to bat for their customers when they have a claim, not accepting less than is deserved. They regularly monitor providers and let their customers know if there is a better option available.

After understanding Grain Belt’s approach, we realized that the site was more of a service website, much like a consultant would have. We focused the message around the fact that your insurance is only as good as the agent that is there for you. The call-to-actions throughout the site focus around contacting Grain Belt to let them take care of you, not just to provide a quick quote.

Visit the Grain Belt Insurance website at and let us know what you think!

Sunsetters Salon gets fresh look with a new website

Sunsetters Salon has been keeping Atchison beautiful since 1996. Owner Sandy Barber attended Jon Schallert’s  Destination Boot Camp with a group of local businesses in the summer of 2017. One of the decisions she made while at the Bootcamp was to get her business online. How convenient that one of Webcom’s own attended the Bootcamp too! It was a great way to start a relationship.

We loved working with Sandy. She is one of the sweetest clients we’ve ever had! She worked hard to get as many stylists photos and bios in that she could and learned how Google Calendar can be used to manage appointment books. Though she made a wise decision to not book appointments online, clients can still request an appointment through the website.

Visit the Sunsetters Salon website to gets inpired for your (site’s) new look!

Website for True Roots Massage launched

Darby Shaffer with True Roots Massage first started working with Webcom Resources in 2015. She started with a domain name that pointed to a custom business listing on This directory listing helped establish content with Google and gave her an online presence for potential clients to understand more about her approach to massage therapy and health.

Darby’s business grew steadily, and she extended the capabilities of her business listing as far as it could go. After attending a Destination Business Bootcamp with Jon Schallert, she was inspired to take the next step of having a full website. Even with her busy schedule, she was able to meet with our team regularly to work out the details of each section of the site.  A key feature of the site is the testimonials page, which pulls in the Facebook and Google reviews given by her clients.

We are proud to see how Darby has grown her business itself and her digital marketing.

Browse the site at

New website design for the City of Atchison website launched

We’re happy to announce the launch of the website for local retailer, Backroad Atlas!

We began this journey with Angela when she first opened 2 years ago, incubating her content and building web traffic on an enhanced business page on Atchison Online. It was a super smooth transition to a full website when she was ready for this next step.

Watch for her next big moment to happen soon – online sales! What a great way to connect a wonderful experience like Backroad Atlas with lovers of unique home decor!

New hosted website service now available

We’re excited to launch our new hosted website service, which makes professional web design more affordable for small businesses. We’ve worked with so many small businesses that want to get their businesses or products online, but don’t have the time to do it themselves or the investment funds for a professional to do it for them.

Our hosted websites are perfect for businesses looking for an economical yet professional website. We interview the business to get company information, create the website from beginning to end, and ensure your site positions you for success.

A website can cost $5,000 or more with a traditional custom website development model. With our subscription model, businesses pay a much smaller up-front fee for our development work, then use the hosted website service for a monthly fee. The subscription fee not only spreads the remaining development costs out over time, we include professional assistance for your website each month.

Learn more about our hosted website options here.

2017 Regional Business Excellence Award

Thank you to the City of Atchison for the nomination for this Kansas Business Appreciation Month award, which recognizes contributions to the Kansas economy.

Business Appreciation Month serves as a statewide tribute to Kansas businesses for their contributions. The awards program takes place each spring and invites individuals and organizations to nominate the proud Kansas businesses that contribute jobs and support their local communities.