The “free clinic” becomes the “everybody clinic”

Stevie Durkin, the executive director of ACHC, approached the team at Webcom Resources with not only the need for an updated website, but also the desire to rebrand the clinic. Stevie wanted to shed the clinic’s reputation for being the “free clinic” because it prevented people from considering ACHC as a great option for their healthcare needs. He wanted a way to communicate to the community that everyone is welcome at ACHC, whether they have private insurance or not; whether they have money to pay or not.

After a few brainstorming sessions, Webcom Resources came up with the idea to rebrand the clinic “the Everybody Clinic.” We wanted to focus on the fact that high-quality health care is for everybody, regardless of their ability to pay, and that ACHC provides some of the highest-quality healthcare in the area. We took this concept and threaded all throughout the new content written for the site. The new site is not only fresh-looking and modern, it is also a great resource for the community to learn more about ACHC’s mission and services. Webcom also outlined a social media strategy that ACHC could use for brand awareness throughout the community.

Project Funding

In 2015, ACHC received the New Access Point Grant for $1.2 million. This grant is awarded from the federal government to facilitate the delivery of healthcare services to underserved and vulnerable populations. The grant enabled ACHC to pay for an upgraded custom website.

About the Client

Since opening in 2009, Atchison Community Health Clinic has been meeting the primary healthcare needs of the uninsured, underinsured, and underserved citizens in Atchison and surrounding counties regardless of their ability to pay. With a focus on prevention, education, and wellness, ACHC encourages people to seek out routine preventative care before requiring emergent care. The clinic offers medical, dental, and mental health services all under one roof.