How to choose the perfect Facebook event image for pumpkin spice season (and every other holiday, too).

As we prepare ourselves to be hunkered down for the oncoming colder months, we’re busily enjoying a plethora of fall activities and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. This season as you schedule your promotions and activities, we strongly encourage you to create Facebook Events for everything you want people to attend. Having a great Facebook Event image is one of the most important ways to attract attention when people are scrolling their Facebook feed.

Choosing the best Facebook Event image

    • Images help users imagine themselves at your event. To maximize effectiveness, this should NOT be your logo. Images of people enjoying what they are going to be dong at your event – shopping, eating, smiling – work best.
    • Close-ups are better than crowds. Most of the time, close up photos are better than panoramic views, or scale views of large crowds because they can show emotion better.
    • But sometimes crowds are more important.  If you have an amazing photo of huge crowds of people having a good time at your event, and it’s obvious that it’s your event (and not a stock photo), use that!
    • Use little or no text to keep Facebook happy. We recommend you limit the text on your image to no more than 5 words, but Facebook requires no more than 20% text on your image in order for it to be shown to the most people.
    • Don’t add the event details to the image. The Facebook Event automatically displays the date, time, location, and title of the event with your image, plus a button to click “going or interested.” You don’t have to include this information in the image.

Remember: The image is to capture attention, not to give information. You want Facebook users to stop scrolling because they want to look for the date, time, and location of your event.

Join in on the celebration!

This is a great time for small businesses to host seasonal events, promotions, and activities to get patrons, near and far, into your stores and enjoying your goods and services. Whether you’re in the food business, sell home decor, provide services like beauty and spa, there is something every small business can do to help your patrons celebrate the holiday season!