Facebook Page Audit


Wondering whether you are doing the right thing on Facebook? Have you noticed that your results have decreased, but you aren’t sure why? It might be time to have a Professional Facebook Business Audit to help you know the next steps to take to improve your digital marketing presence.

Your audit is completed by our social media expert, Elizabeth Collins. Elizabeth will spend several hours reviewing your Facebook account, prepare a written report, and meet with you 1-on-1 to review the results and provide recommendations.

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Your Facebook Business Account Audit covers:

  • Business page settings
    Do you have the settings correct on your account, for your business type?
  • Photos and videos
    Are your photos and videos on-brand and well-organized?
  • Post type and frequency
    Are you posting the right type of content and doing it enough – or too much?
  • Engagement rate
    Do your organic posts resonate with your target audience?
  • Key performance indicators
    What are the key measurements you should be watching, and how are you performing?
  • Ad account settings
    Is your Facebook Ads account, audiences, and assets properly configured?
  • Ad performance
    How are your ads performing? Is the cost worth the value it is providing to your business?

You will receive a written report as well as a 1-hour consult with our social media expert, Elizabeth Collins, with recommendations for improvement.

Note: In order for us to accurately review your account, you will need to add Webcom Resources as an admin level “Partner” to your business page and ads account. We will have temporary access, which can be revoked at anytime. This is not full admin access, but “Agency” admin access. We provide complete instructions on how to provide this access.