Why your business needs a NAP

NAP is an industry term for name, address, and phone number…the identifying information for local businesses with a physical location.  All of your NAPs need to be the same. Search engines such as Google and Bing use NAP listing accuracy to establish trust with their users. Directories won’t be confident in showing your business listing if they’re not confident that your business listing is accurate.

Tips to make sure that you’re NAP is a good one

  • First, go to Moz Local to see all of your business listings across major directories such as Bing, Facebook, and Google. This will let you know if you have any incorrect listings. Then, go to those incorrect listings and correct them so that they match everywhere.
  • When key information in your business changes, immediately update your listings. If you’ve changed addresses, locations, phone numbers, business hours, or even your business name, you want to make sure that those are all accurate and consistent. Doing this sends strong signals to Google that you are a verified business in that location that they can trust.
  • Make sure the address you list is only your verified, physical address. Sometimes businesses like to use directions in their address, for instance “top level,” or “second door from the right.” Don’t include this in your address fields. Only list the official physical address. Anything else can hurt your directory listings. You can provide more specific details about how to get to your location by creating a custom map in Google. And, of course, you can list that information along with your custom Google map on your website.
  • Use VoIP as an inexpensive business line option. Obviously, you don’t want to list your cell phone number as your business phone number. You need a separate business phone number. There are some great options for virtual numbers. (It’s technically called VoIP.) One of my favorites is Telzio. It’s very affordable and allows you to choose pricing based on your individual business needs. You can direct a virtual phone number to your cell phone and make calls from that number on your cell phone without needing another phone. 

We could all use a good NAP, amirite?

Just like we all need a refreshing nap once in a while, our businesses also need a good, quality NAP. Keeping your name, address, and phone number accurate, and consistent across the internet establishes confidence and trust. This is extremely important for search engines to continue to show your listing to their users.